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The Biggest Royal Slide Since the French Revolution Continues

Catching up after a long weekend on the road...

  • On May 7th, the Royals were 18-11. Since that date, they've gone 4-12. The Royals are about two days from being closer to last than first place. At 22-23, the Royals merely seem like part of the huge pack of mediocre teams around baseball this season. Twelve teams currently have between 20 and 23 wins (inclusive). It's like one day we woke up and the entire game was one big version of the NL Central. I don't like this world.
  • With none of their rivals truly playing well the Tigers have an opportunity to distance themselves in the Central. You know what's funny about this division, you can almost perfectly order the teams inversely by how many games they've played against the AL East: Detroit-7, KC-11, Minnesota-16, CWS-14, Cleveland-18.
  • Can you imagine where the Royals would be without the reemergence of Brian Bannister?
  • Gil Meche is struggling. He's posted a game score below 50 in five of his last six starts and has killed the bullpen more than once this month.
  • Of course, in bizarro Royals world, who is or isn't hurt doesn't jive clearly with who goes on the DL and who stays around. I'm dreading a scenario in which Meche slogs through three more laborious starts, then hits the DL for a 15-day stint that turns into two months. But the good news is is that no other Royal players have had similar things happen this season, so why should I be worried?
  • Speaking of today's game, Hillman's curious bullpen usage continues. It is not so much that he's uniformly horrible -- he isn't -- or even that he's generic, it's just that... that... he's good for 0.75 head scratchers a game. Mahay in a 7-0 game? Wright in a 9-1 game in the 9th? Perhaps the root issue here is the fact that the Royals simply have a strange collection of guys out in the 'pen. I don't know.
  • Did you sell high on Jamey Wright in your fantasy league?
  • Offensively, it just looks like everyone is cold. Callaspo and Bloomquist (see below) are racing one another to see who can get from .380 to .300 faster, which is especially brutal since they are singles-based players to begin with. Butler, Jacobs & Guillen all have cooled off, and only DDJ appears to be really "hot" right now. Sadly, this isn't truly shocking, as at times it has looked like GMDM has been attempting to construct a boom/bust or feast/famine lineup. The nice thing about OBP guys is that drawing walks tends to be a steady skill. The Royals don't have those kinds of players, outside of Crisp and DDJ. The lineup misses Alex Gordon. (edit: actually Guillen and Butler have been decent, see comments)
  • It's fun having Luis Hernandez around. In nearly a month he's now collected nine plate appearances.
  • Did you notice Bloomy went 0-3 today? On May 3rd Bloomquist was hitting .372/.462/.558. I hope everyone enjoyed that first month, because it is likely to stand as his greatest time as a Royal. Prior to today's 0-3, Bloomquist had followed that hot start with a .237/.286/.263 stretch.
  • Here's the team's runs scored numbers during this 4-12 stretch: 1,0,3,3,2,5,8,2,7,6,5,3,0,0,3,1. The Royals have scored two runs or fewer in eighteen games this season.
  • I nominate The Jacobs Creature as Mike Jacobs's new nickname.
  • In case you missed it, I did a podcast with Lee Warren of Royals Reflections on Friday. What could be better than setting your settings to "shuffle" heading to the gym, and halfway through your treadmill workout landing on an hour+ conversation about the Royals?