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Left for Dead, Royals Win

A second straight quirky game in Minnesota, and a second straight Royal victory. The Royals are now 14-11, and back in first place in the AL Central.


  • The Royals went from being no-hit to being ahead in about fifteen minutes. All hail Willie Bloomquist, the greatest baseball player of all-time. (Until we acquire Nick Punto next winter.)
  • According to Selena Roberts, Willie used steroids in high school.
  • Jose Guillen and Alberto Callaspo are our conquering saviors.Guillen now has 189 career home runs.
  • Typical Meche outing. Meche slogged through six of the longest innings of all-time, but somehow slipped out the back door of the boxscore with a mythical pitcher "win". Insomuchas we were all expecting a five run inning, then yes, he kept the Royals in it. I applaud his courage. A weaker man would have folded, running away screeeaaaming... (5:00-5:15 mark)
  • I was convinced the Royals were still in deep trouble with three innings to play, despite the miraculous comeback. Who was going to finish the game? How were the Royals going to get to Soria? Well, all that swung around thanks to a clean seventh inning by Ho-Ram. Ho-Ram's rampage allowed Wright to handle the eighth and Soria to pitch the 9th. If Ramirez doesn't pitch an entire inning, I don't think the Royals win.
  • Why did we make Ho-Ram a starter again?
  • Billy Butler is the new Jon Olerud.
  • Royal Pride.