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Royals Lose Again, Slide Closer to Last Place

Gil Meche had one of his best starts of the season, but thanks to a weak offensive night, some bad defense, and a nice start by Mark B----e (you learn to spell it if you care) the Royals lost again.

The Royals are now 23-26 on the season.

  • Meche looked great tonight -- 7 IP, 5 Hs, 2 BBs, 7 Ks -- showing little of the signs of being "off" that many of us had seen, or thought we'd seen, the last month or so.
  • There were three triples during the first four innings of this game and by my count only one of them was truly legit. The strangest involved Mitch Maier awkwardly leaping and missing a Jermaine Dye flyball.
  • So none of us have any reason to doubt that the Royals will handle any possible injury to Coco Crisp absolutely flawlessly, right?
  • The Bale inning was just a bizarre fifteen minutes, but the Cruz effort in the ninth was more troubling. Although the fifth run was caused by a Alexei Ramirez "single" off Bert's glove, the preceding run was all Cruz. Losing the game because the Getz, Fields, & Podsednik trio beats you is bitter. Of course, the Royals were paced by the Bloomquist-Maier combination all night, so ... well, I guess, nothing.
  • Miguel Olivo had a big homer in this game, replacing John Buck after the latter left the game in one of the oddest Royals moments since the hives game for DDJ.