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Familiar Feeling: Royals Lose Again, Again


How did this season fall apart so quickly?

John Danks looked terrible, but he dodged enough bullets to turn in a functional outing. Greinke was 2008 Greinke, and though he was slightly off his 2009 form, you have to say the four runs he allowed felt pretty soft. Nevertheless, that's how the starters left it, a 4-4 game.

The Royal bullpen blinked first, well, if you call not getting through a second inning "blinking". John Bale and Juan Cruz evoked memories of Jeremy Affeldt and Mike MacDougal at the end of the game today, as the search for answers continues.

At 23-27 the Royals are back in familar territory after two months.

The Royals after 50 games:

  • 2009: 23-27
  • 2008: 21-29
  • 2007: 19-31

Well, in another two years it looks like the Royals will be a .500 team after fifty games, and by 2014 or so, a first place club.

The Royals are at 23-27 with Zack Greinke pitching better than anyone this decade in 22% of their games. Amazing.