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The John Buck Redemption: Royals Outlast White Sox, Improve to 16-11

It was like John Buck and David DeJesus were battling each other all night, trying to see who could post a lower WPA in a single game. Maybe they were inspired by Hiram BanniDavies. I don't know.

Buck blinked first, and in their millionth chance to take the lead, the Royals finally did.

Games needed to reach 16 wins:

2006 59
2007 43
2008 37
2009 27


Thanks to everyone for a fun night "at" the game. We posted 2376 comments for a Monday night game. Impressive. (Though we've got to get the posting of pictures under control a bit.)

Alberto Callaspo 4 MVP.

The Battle for Grass Creek awaits.