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Royals Review Prospect Pulse: May

It's time to check in and see how things are going on the farm.  Since, April was a shorter month, I went ahead and included stats up through yesterday.  We still have a lot of players in Extended Spring Training--especially those pitchers who the Royals want to limit the workload for this year.  The stats for hitters are the triple slash ones and for pitchers its: ERA/K/BB.

Not a great start to the year--our hitters are doing OK and some of our pitchers are really struggling.  A couple of bright spots are Jeff Bianchi and Chris Lubanski--both of whom had very encouraging starts. I'm getting a little worried about Dan Cortes and Blake Wood.  Luke Hochevar isn't eligible for the list, but if he were, I'd have him 3rd.  He'd done everything that's been asked of him at AAA.  Hopefully, we'll see him with the big club soon.



Rank Name last month age level month stats YTD Comment
1. Eric Hosmer-1B 1 19 A 221/344/299 Started off slow but has been hitting better lately.  Having trouble with leftys
2. M. Moustakas-3B 2 20 A+ 265/311/482 Much better start this year, look for him to get better as year goes on
3. Dan Duffy-LHP 5 20 A+ 4.21/24/9 first few starts=lights out, struggled more the last couple of times
4. Dan Cortes-RHP 3 22 AA 5.96/17/11 has been a little unlucky but still disappointing
5. Kila Kaaihue-1B 4 24 AAA 216/416/432 still hitting, look for BA to improve
6. Dan Guitierrez-RHP 6 22 XST I'm hoping we'll see Gutierrez this month
7. Mike Montgomery-LHP 7 19 XST My guess:Montgomery may not be assigned until beginning of June
8. Jeff Bianchi-SS 13 23 A+ 333/419/531 Great start--drawing more walks
9. Carlos Rosa-RHP 8 24 AAA 3.00/12/3 good numbers, could see KC this summer
10. Blake Wood-RHP 9 23 AA 7.56/14/6 Mr. Inconsistency
11. Tim Melville-RHP 10 10 XST See Montgomery
12. J. Giavotella-2B 11 21 A+ 237/366/447 Good start, numbers should get even better
13. Kelvim Herrera-RHP 14 19 XST Not sure what is up with him
14. Chris Nicoll-RHP 18 25 AA 0.57/15/5 Really like this guy, ERA is Greinkesque
15. David Lough-CF 19 23 A+ 320/395/440 A sleeper who is waking up
16. Joe Dickerson-OF 15 22 AA 243/341/365 so-so start at AA
17. Tyler Sample-RHP 16 19 XST look for him at Idaho Falls in June
18. Derrick Robinson-CF
12 21 A+ 217/287/228 Really disappointing start--showing no power.
19. Henry Barrera-RHP 20 23 XST is he hurt?
20. John Lamb-LHP 21 18 XST short season ball
21. Ed Cegarra-RHP 23 19 XST not sure why he is in ext. ST
22. Chris Lubanski-OF 30 24 AAA 308/388/462 Bounce back and becoming a prospect again
23. Greg Holland-RHP 24 23 AA 3.07/12/3 Another one of our pretty good reliever prospects
24. Salvador Perez-C
17 18 A 151/167/189 Burlington: the place where young hitters are humbled
25. Disco Hayes-RHP NR 26 AA 0.96/7/2 Here comes the Disco Band Wagon!
26. Jose Bonilla-C NR 20 A 176/222/275 Burlington: turning young hitters into Tony Pena Jr!
27. Jordan Parraz-OF NR 24 AA 355/425/403 I'll take him over Tyler Lumsden every day of the week.
28. Adrian Ortiz-CF 26 22 A+ 278/280/347 But he sure is fast!
29. Tug Hulett-2B NR 26 AAA 306/406/471 Jeff Keppinger 2.0
30. Brian McFall-1B NR 25 AA 275/344/500 He's  the Mike Jacobs of AA
31. Paulo Orlando-CF 27 23 A+ 192/234/341 If we gave him back to the White Sox, would they take HoRam too?
32. Jose Duarte-CF NR 24 AA 296/402/358 Fast start but is returning to earth
33. Nick Francis-OF NR 23 A 289/366/518 Those numbers in Burlington in April translate to MLE of 425/542/876
34. Clint Robinson-1B NR 24 A+ 370/414/642 great numbers, but his age/position are working against him
35. Blaine Hardy-RHP NR 22 A 2.38/28/0 The next in the long line of great Royals Hardy Prospects
36. Sean McCauley-C NR 20 A 152/211/227 Burlington: emasculating young hitters for 50 years
37. Luis Cota-RHP NR 23 A 4.26/15/5 A long hill to climb as he comes back from inury
38. Brent Fisher-LHP NR 21 A 6.19/11/8 Those numbers in Burlington=not good
39. Sam Runion-RHP 29 20 A 7.88/9/9 why did we use a 2nd round pick on him?
40. Jason Taylor-1B 25 21 SUS Not in Extended ST--Royals will probably suspend him even after his 50 games are up


Player of the Month:

Jeff Bianchi: Has hit like crazy this month.  The improved plate discipline so far is very encouraging.  I haven't heard how his defense has been.  If he can stay healthy, he could be an above average middle infielder.  If he stick at short, he could be quite valuable.

There is the update, we'll check back in at the beginning of June and see how things are going.