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Royals Win Again - Bannister is Who We Thought Davies Was

The Royals continued their recent mastery over the Seattle Mariners today at the K, thanks in large part to a career start from Brian Bannister, who struck out seven and walked only one in six innings. Considering that he'd only managed seven strikeouts in his previous eighteen innings this season (against 10 walks) Bannister's afternoon was stunningly successful.

(Personally, I credit Miguel Olivo's game-calling skillz. He's that good. John Buck would have led to twenty Seattle runs...)

The Royals cooled off a bit offensively, but still scratched out enough offense against He Went to Jarrod Washburn and some random dude out of the Seattle bullpen.

With two more victories over Seattle, the Royals are now stronger in Wyoming than they've been in decades, with the Mariners forced back to damn near the western border, if not out of the state entirely in many places. According to reports, the municipal water supply in Grass Creek will be died powder blue later tonight, to celebrate the glory of the Royals.

Soria was not especially awesome. People seem worried.

The Royals are 18-11. They are in first place.

(static... )

My internet signal is breaking up, we now return --

Manny Ramirez... Brett Favre... Bulls-Celtics Greatest Ever... Zack Greinke was depressed three years ago... Brett Favre... Manny Ramirez impotence joke....