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The Writers of "The Office" Have No Knowledge of Rust Belt Geography

Obligatory Youngstown blight photo.
Obligatory Youngstown blight photo.

I have had my doubts before. In one episode the boys from Scranton drove to Utica and back to battle Karen (a three hour drive) and made it back well before the end of the work day. Tonight's episode clinched it: the writers of "The Office" have no knowledge of rust belt geography.

In case you missed it, the B story of this week's lighthearted episode was that Pam & Jim were going to leave work early to get married in Youngstown, Ohio. Not skip the day to do it, not drive there at night and do it the next day, no: leave early, do it that day.

Scranton is 310 miles from Youngstown. I swear Pam said they were leaving at 3PM, but at the very least it was after lunch when they were getting ready to leave. Scranton to Youngstown is a five hour drive, maybe four and a half with speeding and no stops.

C'mon guys, I know you all live in LA and are probably from the East Coast originally, but you can do better than this.

As anyone who has ever driven from anywhere vaguely around Chicago to anywhere on the Atlantic Coast, Pennsylvania is the worst part of the drive, it never ever ends, ever.

So actually we can eliminate any of the staff ever living around Chicago, or went to college around there either.

I'm sure there's some small gag factor in getting married in Youngstown, generally considered one of the worst cities in America, I get that. But that's why you're pros... find another awful city that's drivable.