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Thanks to Jose Guillen's Completely Horrible Glove, Royals Fall to Angels, Connection to Arod, Manny Ramirez, Not Immediately Clear

Jose Guillen just won't let us stay positive on him for too long will he?

If you were banking on an inspired performance against Anaheim (the source of 90% of the "Jose Guillen really isn't a great guy" evidence), well... it didn't quite happen. Though dude did walk again tonight.

So, let us offer our sincerest congratulations to Howie Kendrick for his "home run". Sincerely.

And no, that wasn't an error. No, not at all. Not even a single + an error or even a double + error (all options). Nope, Howie, that was just a straight up "homer". Clearly. No Howie, you didn't benefit from one of the single worst fielding plays of 2009.

Meche appears to have had a fairly "meh" night: not great, not terrible. It doesn't help matters to have him pitching right after Banny, 'cuz we've just spent our time crediting St. Banny for his hit avoiding skills, which in turn means Meche needs to be questioned a little for allowing eight hits in less than six innings. He gave the Royals a chance to win, or at the very least, put them in a situation where they'd likely be tied, or within a run heading into the late innings.

Of course, a mostly impotent offense really made all of it more or less irrelevant, producing only one run against an unknown pitcher and a trio of generic relievers.

Oh, Farnsworth had two cleanings, also wasted.

Finally however... there was this weird cow milking thing hovering over the entire game, completely with Rusty Kuntz getting involved, as well as the really inappropriately cute cow handler girl. Just a weird scene all the way around.