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A Note on Greinke - His Comeback Was Two Years Ago

I continue to love the crush of Greinke was anxious/depressed stories, angles, and lead-ins.

One thing: the events in question happened in 2006! He pitched extensively in 2007 and made 32 starts last season. He was a good pitcher last year.

The Greinke story is all well and good -- I guess we should all be inspired or amazed that a millionaire and a multi-million dollar investment for a professional sports team was treated well and got help, I'm sure a 55 year old secretary would be treated the same way when she told someone she hated work -- but its a year late. Greinke's comeback was truly in 2007, and by 2008 he was all the way back.

What's happening in 2009 is a baseball story, a young, very good pitcher, possibly making the leap to another level. A pitcher going from good to great.

I know we've got to play up the off-the-field heroism angle, but I swear the casual fan now thinks that Greinke spent last season in a rehab facility, didn't touch a baseball until Spring Training this year, and is now the best pitcher in baseball.