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Impotent Offense Dooms Royals Again in Anaheim

We've got a new contestant for the Worst Loss of the Year Sweepstakes, and maybe the first one that didn't also involve a Hillman controversy.

Take tonight's game as another example of how stupid pitcher wins and losses are, as Zack Greinke was done in by an impotent offense that was shutout by Joe Saunders. Tonight, at least, Saunders + Royal Hitters equaled something like Greinke himself on the mound, as the Royals managed only five singles and a walk. Saunders tossed a complete game shutout, and he only needed 101 pitches to do so.

The boys in blue have scored just one run in two games in Anaheim, and may need a strong start from Davies tomorrow to avoid a buzzkilling sweep.

On a game to game basis, baseball's the least predictable major sport; there's just something about the fundamental nature of the game that makes the gap between teams smaller, which is why, in part, that we play 162 games.

Two days ago, the Royals were on a six game winning streak, and had just watched their #4 and #5 starters cruise to easy victories. They had Meche and Greinke going against a scuffling Angels team.

Well, two days later, the Royals now own a two game losing streak.