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2009 Royals Draft Review

The Royals wrap up yet another draft today.  I was pleased with the way it turned out but it was way different that what I was expecting.  The Royals did not take a HS pitcher in the top 10 rounds--I would have wagered a large sum of money that the Royals would have taken at least a couple.  But I think it shows that the best draft strategy is flexibility in what a particular draft offers you and in what other teams are or aren't taking. 

1st Round (12th Overall)

I wanted Grant Green but I'm okay with Crow--and perhaps starting to get a little excited.  I'm sure you've read about his 3 plus pitches, he's a Royals fan, from Mizzou, etc.  I look for him to sign soon--its in everyone's best interest--like by the end of the month and then go to Wilmington and perhaps a stop in the Arizona Fall League.  It will be interesting to see if the Royals re-work any of his delivery and/or take away his slider as he progresses through the minors

3rd Round

Again, you know we were rumored to be on Myers for our 1st pick, that he was looked at as a mid to late 1st Round pick and slid to the 3rd because of his bonus demands.  The Royals have said they will start him at C but have considered other positions for him.  His bat is good enough that he is still a very good prospect at another position.

4th Round

And so we make a little history in the 4th Round taking the 1st draft eligible freshman from a 4 year university in the 44 year history of the draft.  Chris Dwyer from Clemson has a good fastball, a very good curve and decent to good change.  He had a 5.30 ERA but his numbers look a little better than that: 75K/29BB in 73IP and 66 hits.  He was considered a late 1st Round talent.  He has a lot of leverage as he can go back to school and get drafted a couple more times if he wants to.  But if you remember one of my preview columns--this 4th round pick is the one that started day 2 so the Royals, I'm sure, talked to Dwyers' people and know what his asking price is and they plan to meet it.  Let's just hope Jason Esposito doesn't give him a call.

5th Round

The Royals took a Senior from LSU in the 5th Round--Louis Coleman.  He had a very good year at LSU going 11-2 with a 2.84 ERA and 111K/19BB in 98 IP.  BA ranked him 188th in this year's draft.  He is a Tommy John survivor who throws a sinking fb and good slider.  there is some concern about his delivery.  He has done relief and starting--so it will be interesting to see what role he pitches in for us.

6th Round

We grabbed New Mexico RHP Cole White in Round 6.  Cole was ranked the 157th best draft prospect by BA.  He had a 2.33 ERA in 39IP with 45K/28BB.  He's a reliever

7th Round

We took Missouri State LHP Buddy Bauman.  His numbers:  11-1 3.23 ERA 101-32 K-BB ratio in 86 IP.  Buddy was ranked as the 179th best draft prospect by Baseball America. 

8th Round

We took RHP Gardner Odenback from UCONN in Round 8.  He makes excellent popcorn. 

9th Round

We took C Ben Theriot from Texas State in Round 9.  He hit 341/384/518.  I don't know much else...

10th Round

We finally took another HS player in Round 10-Geoff Baldwin from Grand Junction, CO. We shall see if we are able to buy him out of his scholarship to Nebraska.  He's a big guy who has added some muscle this year and is a supposed to be a pretty good defensive 1B.

11th Round

We took SS Ryan Wood a SR from East Carolina in Round 11. The good news is that he hit 379/486/629-and East Carolina is a good baseball school.  But he's a SR and there are some big questions as to whether he can stay at SS.  But for the 11th round, I like this pick.

12th Round

In the 12th Round, we drafted Nic Wooley from William Woods U..  He went 8-1 with a 3.31 ERA in 70 IP with 89K/27BB.

13th Round

Lane Adams is an HS outfielder from Oklahoma.  He is a basketball recruit to Missiouri State--what I gather is that he is athletic and would probably take above slot money to sign.



This draft breaks down to our top 3 picks: Crow, Myers and Dwyer who all have good upside and were good values who will cost above slot.  Then you have Coleman, White and Baumann who decent college draft prospects.  And then there is everyone else--a lot of college players and a few signability guys-just in case something falls through with one of the top picks.  I think we'll sign our top 6 players.  We will need to keep an eye on the International Market as I look for the Royals to sign a lot of players.  They may not sign any of the top 10 players but they will have multiple 6 figure bonuses thrown out.  I'm pleased with the way our draft went, even with missing a 2nd rounder and getting nothing for Grudz. 

I'm going to be moving to Colorado in a few days, so my life is pretty busy.  I'll probably be pretty scarce for a little bit. But I plan on getting the July Prospect Pulse up.