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Gil Meche Reasserts His Alpha-Dog Status

Gil Meche continues to surprise me. Tonight, he followed up one of his best starts of the season with a complete game shutout, allowing just four hits and a walk, along with six strikeouts.

Even during his minor struggles earlier, the advanced data kept showing that he was actually pitching better than he had the last two seasons. We're starting to see some of those fruits reflected in the more traditional stats now as well, as his ERA has slid down to 3.41.

Of course, the lion's share of the credit must go to Olivo. He just calls a great game.

Thanks to some home cookin', that sweet sweet National League flava, and a fair dose of some better play, the Royals are now back to 29-34, and are borderline contenders again in the division that quality left behind. Unstoppable baby!