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Royals Look Increasingly Pathetic, Lose Again

Man this team can look bad sometimes. Eh, it's funny how you can just have an entire decade slip by, isn't it?

  • The last three nights the Royals have trailed 12-2, 12-2 and 10-2. Sure, each time they've tacked on some garbage time runs late, but that's only because the dummies managing the other teams haven't used their closers to really nail down those games late. We know better.
  • It really isn't a game for me unless Olivo has a passed ball. I'm a sentimental sort, and without ritual & tradition, life has no meaning.
  • I don't what I'm more interested in hearing about, Phil Mickelson's wife having cancer, or Khalil Greene's courageous battle back from whatever he briefly had. It isn't progress of any sort to reduce a complex and still little understood illness to something that you need to just take a couple weeks off for to "clear your head" or whatever. Actually, that's the opposite of progress.
  • I'm not a huge TLR guy, and he's always good for his own share of bizarre roster management choices. I'm sure he vertiably lusts after St. Willie. Still, the Cardinals have found a way to just swallow their doubts and let guys like Ryan Ludwick, Rick/Dick Ankiel and the pitching coach's kid get ABs. Ludwick, in particular, is the kind of player the Royals now think they're too smart to have to settle for.