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Royals Fall in Tampa, Ability to Get Up Unclear

For awhile it looked like the Rays might give the Royals enough of a hand to win this game. Kyle Davies again struggled with his control, but thanks to seven strikeouts and some key caught stealings, the game was still tied at 2-2 in the 6th. The Yars took the lead on a Matt Joyce double, then expanded it two innings later on a Joyce homer. Game over.

  • 23-28? Yikes.
  • Miguel Olivo had a nice game: two runners thrown out on the bases, a single, and a home run. Sure there was also the obligatory Olivo K in there as well, but this was one of his better all-around games of the season. Oh, and he reached base on a strikeout for the second consecutive game. Love his plate approach!
  •  Although mysteriously all the awesome game-calling things Olivo does when Greinke pitches again were strangely absent with other dudes on the mound. I hope we can figure out why this happened.
  • Jose Guillen had a revenge homer against one of his former teams today.
  • TPJ got the start, had an epic single, and pointlessly hit with a runner on in a 4-2 game in the 7th inning.
  • Ho-Ram danced with the devil a smidge, but escaped, sorta. At least he didn't allow any of "his" baserunners to score. We'll have that ERA under 6.50 in no time.
  • Look, I don't think Hillman is an especially good manager, but most of the blame for nights like this should be on Dayton. The Royals are clinging to an idea that Juan Cruz is good at this point, and between the starter and Soria, that's really all there is.
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