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Positive Thoughts Open Thread

We've (meaning mostly "I've") gotta mix it up a little bit, if only for a few hours on a Saturday morning at the very least. I think in the last four or five days I've probably set some kind of record for most consistently sustained bitterness in blog posts, comments, twitter potshots, etc. Actually, they give out an award for this every year, with a panel of judges including Buzz Bissinger, Bill Shanks, Mike Lupica, and both Stan & Jeff Van Gundy, its called the Murray Chass Chalice and it's the highest honor an angry white guy can recieve.

Not that I'm backing off any of it. Only, I'm starting to feel like I can't survive like this all summer. Not all the time, or maybe not this intensely. I don't know really. Maybe many of you feel the same way. Funny, but you might never have guessed it, but writing about a really bad, pretty poorly run, team every day for four years sometimes starts to wear a man down.

So let's hear everyone's positive thoughts on this team, system, organization, anything Royals-related.

No snark or sarcasm either, real stuff. I don't care how minor either. We're going Cartesian here folks, starting from nothing and maybe trying to see how far back we can build ourselves up.