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Royals Get Rare Win, Inspire Millions

The Royals defeated the vaunted Astros thanks to another great start by Zack Greinke and a tremendous recovery in the 9th by some guy named.. let me see here... "Soria".

Weird, isn't he the mopup guy? I guess after five straight blowout losses, the bullpen was so overworked that Hillman had to get creative.

  • The Astros were really good five years ago, so you know this is a special, special, win.
  • Billy Butler homered tonight. Cool.
  • Your Greinke ERA update is:  1.90.
  • The Astros had eight hits, all singles. The Royals tried that once for fifteen years, it's a tease.
  • Lots of anti-Mitch comments tonight. I assumed heading into this season that he was a good gloveman in the OF. Was I wrong? What's going on? It's laughable the Royals minor league systems is how completely unable to produce just one generic fourth OF type in a pinch. I blame Allard Baird. He was the GM until 2008 I think.
  • Even after all the horrible play of the last month, the Royals still snagged win #30 three games faster this season than they did in 2008.