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Slumping Royals Searching for Answers


Thank God we've got a day game tomorrow, because I don't think anyone feels good right now. How did everything collapse this quickly? Yes, it is slightly cherry-picked, but here we go:

First 29 games: 18-11

Next 23 games: 5-18

That's a completely brutal stretch. That's 2006 Royals bad. That's Neifi Perez bad. That's... well, share your own. I find it amazingly that the Royals have managed to be so uninspiring despite the presence of Zack Greinke. They're 8-3 in Greinke starts (which is bad enough) and 15-26 in all other games. Essentially, through fifty odd games, the Royals are the worst team in the AL+ Greinke.

The Royals fittingly were absolutely dismantled tonight in Tampa -- no hitting, no pitching -- and have now lost six straight games.