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The Misery Continues for the Royals

A shaky bullpen and an impotent offense doom the Royals yet again.

Jamey Wright has a nice run at the beginning of this season, and when Farnsworth imploded and the team wasn't sure about Mahay, he was wright there (har har). Since April 30th however, prior to today's game he's posted a 5.52 ERA, and the last seventy batters he's faced are hitting .377/.449/.508 against him.

Kyle Farnsworth is a better option right now. Yes, I went there.

The Royals lost a 3-2 game today without using Joakim Soria or Juan Cruz. Or Ron Mahay for that matter.

Other lowlights:

  • The Royals did not draw a walk today and leave Tampa with only one in the series, drawn by the exiled David DeJesus. DeJesus hit eighth today, a further demotion from his long stint at seventh. Alberto Callaspo has literally not hit well for a month, yet he remains a trusted "Trey-guy". Ditto for St. Willie. If DeJesus goes 0-4 tomorrow, I fear for his life.
  • Another three strikeouts for Olivo. Honestly, what the man is doing up there is incredible. 42 strikeouts and just 2 walks in something like 120 PAs. His plate approach is so utterly horrible and psychotically dumb, that it is sublime. It's like watching a guy go up there after being told, "if you don't homer, I'm going to burn your house down" three times a game.
  • The horrifying thing is this: this is the team Dayton Moore wanted. He had three years to build the team however he wanted, and this is what he wanted. This is what he wanted. This is what he wanted. What I'm trying to say is, this collection of players was a grouping of talents that Dayton Moore desired. Man, Allard Baird was such a rube.
  • But hey, we have a Closer who pitches twice a week, 0-9 games included, of course. You can't match that scouting.