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Spiraling Royals Hit Rock Bottom, Lose Eighth Straight

Even Zack Greinke couldn't rescue the Royals, who are quickly playing themselves into irrelevance despite being in an incredibly weak AL Central.

  • Greinke long homerless streak (a key for him this season) ended tonight in Toronto, as he allowed long balls to both Adam Lind and Lyle Overbay. Considering it was already his worst start of the season, I'd rather have all the bad Grienke events happen at once. Nevertheless, seeing the Royals go down this way was especially demoralizing from a fan's perspective. Thanks in part to typically poor Royal defense, the game was 6-0 after three and effectively over. The game thread cleared out faster than Moose Jaw after Prohibition was lifted.
  • Dayton's boys Jose Guillen and Mike Jacobs had meaningless homers later in the game, completely justifying their existence.
  • For a guy who plays because of his glove (well, and because of the cluelessness and lack of options which define his employers) Tony Pena Jr makes a lot of errors.
  • St. Willie went 1-4 in the second spot. My only question is whether he's better suited leading off tomorrow, or hitting third.
  • Another day, another bizarre decision by Trey Hillman. Juan Cruz pitched the eighth inning with the Royals trailing 7-3 for no apparent reason. I say good, because the Royals don't play tomorrow, and the back end of their rotation has been going very deep into games anyway and there are numerous options in the bullpen. Oh wait, no. None of that is true at all.
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