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Last minute Royals draft notes

Alright kids, the presents are wrapped, the stockings are stuffed but we have to wait until later today to start unwrapping. Unfortunately, the draft is no longer early in the day-I miss a 10am Pacific start time.  And then after we open our first present, we will have to watch as a lot of other kids open lots of presents (some get multiple presents) before we open our next one.


Everything I've read in the past day has us linked to two players:  USC SS Grant Green and HS C Will Myers-and then Keith Law twitters (the first time I've ever typed that word--I wish it was the last) that we are leaning "towards a college arm".  So who knows what that means...perhaps posturing.  Pitching is the strength of this draft so there might be value there.  But there is no way picking 12th that you can target "college pitching"-12th is far enough down that you have to be prepared to pick form at least 5-7 players.  You can't pigeon-hole yourself when you don't know what will be available  

You know about Green-a player who had a "down" junior season after being considered a top 3 player coming into the year.  I just read yesterday that some think he's been playing with a hand injury that has sapped some power.  If so, his numbers could bounce back once he gets healthy.  If we take him, he will hold out and we will have to pay him an above slot bonus. 

Will Myers is one of the other guys we've been linked to.  We apparently brought him in for a pre-draft workout and he was quite impressive.  He is a very good athlete with speed, power and a quick bat.  He is relatively new to catching and some aren't sure if he will stick (although he is supposedly taking to the tools of ignorance rather quickly).  Myers would probably sign quickly but would take a long time to get here. 

If the college arm we are looking at is Mike Leake, I'm good with that.  There aren't many other college arms that would be available to us that I'm interested in.  If we take Rex Brothers,  Mike Minor, James Paxton or Drew Storen, I'll be pretty disappointed.  

My Mock:

  1. National-Stephen Strasburg
  2. Mariners-Dustin Ackley
  3. Padres-Donovan Tate
  4. Pirates-Tyler Matzek
  5. Orioles-Alex White
  6. Giants-Aaron Crow
  7. Braves-Zack Wheeler
  8. Cincinnati-Mike Leake
  9. Detroit-Jacob Turner
  10. Washington-Chad Jenkins
  11. Colorado-Mike Minor
  12. KC-Grant Green

The pick for us to watch is Detroit at #9-they could take Turner, Green or even Matt Purke.  If they take Green, Turner could fall to us, but I'm not sure if we are willing to pay the $ that he wants. 

We may have to choose between Green , Leake and/or Myers-of course the choice is not quite that straight forward.  I would rather have Green-but with the bonus we would have to pay him the equation looks more like is Green> Myers/Leake + whoever else we would sign with the extra $2 million it would take to sign Green.  The Royals have said the will take the best player available-I think if Green is there, we take him.  Of course, Green may be gone when we pick and it will all be moot. 

A possible later round pick

There was also some rumblings that we were really high on Jacob Stewart--a HS CF from California who has a scholarship to Stanford.  It always takes a lot of money to buy out guys with that kind of opportunity--he could be this year's Jason Esposito (only with a happier ending for us).   

...and the International Market

This draft will have to be evaluated in tandem with our international signings at the beginning of July.  The Royals see the international market as having better talent available.  I'm hopeful the Royals will be willing to spend as much signing young talent as they did last year--those kind of investments will eventually pay off--especially in a market where many other teams are having to cut back. 

It should be a fun day, I'll be checking in throughout the day--with probably more meaningless rumblings--but I have to do something to pass the time.