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The Same Old Story: Terrible Defense and a Broken Bullpen Dethrone the Royals

Here's a fun fact, the Indians are 6-4 against the Royals and 20-30 against everyone else.

Aside from some offensive heroics and a nice start from Bannister that were subsequently rendered irrelevant, the story of the game was told in the bottom of the sixth and the seventh:

Here's the sixth:

- J. Carroll walked
- V. Martinez singled to center, J. Carroll to third
- S. Choo reached on fielder's choice, J. Carroll scored, V. Martinez to second on first baseman B. Butler's throwing error
- M. DeRosa singled to left, V. Martinez to third, S. Choo to second
- J. Bale relieved B. Bannister
- T. Hafner reached on fielder's choice, V. Martinez scored, S. Choo to third, M. DeRosa to second on catcher M. Olivo's fielding error
- K. Shoppach hit sacrifice fly to deep right, S. Choo scored, M. DeRosa to third
- J. Peralta hit for L. Valbuena
- J. Peralta grounded into fielder's choice, M. DeRosa scored, T. Hafner out at second

Here's the seventh:

- J. Cruz relieved J. Bale
- B. Francisco singled to shortstop
- J. Carroll grounded into fielder's choice, B. Francisco out at second
- V. Martinez walked, J. Carroll to second
- S. Choo hit by pitch, J. Carroll to third, V. Martinez to second
- J. Wright relieved J. Cruz
- M. DeRosa homered to deep right, J. Carroll, V. Martinez and S. Choo scored

Jamey Wright turning into a pumpkin has been painful, and it's certainly not helped that Treyball has doggedly stuck with him long past his expiration date. Juan Cruz suddenly losing it, well, that's damn near completely killed the bullpen. Now, all we have is our magical game-changing, culture of losing changing, magical closer who pitches twice once a week.