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I Don't Get It

Gil Meche, after a week (or month-long depending on your view) saga surrounding his health, soreness, and fatigue, threw 121 pitches today. Why?

Now, I don't think it's necessarily the end of the world or anything like that, but still, what was the point? The Royals trailed 2-0 to start the inning, and considering how early it still was in the game, it wasn't as if another inning from Meche meant the Royals could go straight to Soria, or even Cruz + Soria.

Forget the last inning. What was gained by starting Meche today? Since at least last season's trade deadline (when basically nothing happened) this organization has operated as if they were trying to contend as soon as possible. That mindset continues to harm the long-term prospects of the team. I have no doubt that Hillman looked Gil in the eyes and saw his shining man soul and knew that he could handle anything, but still... what... was... the... point?

We've heard rumblings of pain and discomfort for weeks now. Rumblings that have bubbled to the surface despite Meche's counter-productive machismo.

I guess defeating Cleveland for fourth place is really important.