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Media-Meta Royals Links - Gil Meche Honors Mike Aviles in a Special Way Edition

  • Don't worry about the dead arm concerns or the pitch count, suggests Dutton's game story. Everything will be fine, he's "quelled concerns" and is back to his "old self". As a bonus, there's also a nice number of quotes from St. Willie about the offense's struggles.
  • Bad, bad, bad offense | Mellinger's Blog on the Royals and Baseball (TPJ content)
  • A commenter on Mellinger's blog calls out the KC Media: Trey, one more time | Mellinger's Blog on the Royals
    For years you guys have avoided criticizing a franchise run horribly wrong. You keep finding ways to apologize and excuse Hillman and you can't really identify anything he's doing right.
  • Oh, and what a coincidence. Here's a long Poz/JoePo post talking about how the offense has declined the last three seasons (funny, I've heard someone else say something about that FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS) only Poz concludes by just saying, "well isn't that funny" or something to that effect. Well, and he also says how smart Dayton Moore is about six times. The quote below might be one of the most cowardly things I've ever read, and I'm someone who reads a pretty wimpy reading list:

The Royals execs are smart people. But the more they do to this offense, the worse this offense gets. The more they hope for things to work out, the less likely it seems that things DO work out. It’s a quirk of baseball — a quirk of sports.

Yes, yes, it's just a funny little quirk.

Many more links, including the always relevant Braves/Frenchy updates after the jump: