I Quit As A Royals Fan (Mad Lib)

After _______ (number) years as a _______ (ironic adjective, e.g. "die-hard") Royals fan, this recent _______ (negative baseball event, e.g. "trade," "acquisition," "losing streak") has finally worn out my _______ (ironic term, e.g. "loyalty"). I have always been _______ (hilariously false term, e.g. "optimistic"), but this is too much.

The Royals' general manager, _______ (name of Royals general manager), obviously doesn't know anything about _______ (fundamental body of baseball knowledge). Every move he has made is wrong. _______ (most recent transaction) is the _______ (cliche such as "last straw").

_______'s (name of Royals manager) ineptitude continues to inspire _______ (synonym for "rage"). I mean, did you see _______ (trivial mistake in recent game)? Clearly he should have _______, _______, then _______ and _______ with _______, (impossible suggestion which likely would not have changed outcome) then the Royals would have won. He has cost the team _______ (number above 20) wins this year. He needs to go, and so does _______ (name of pitching coach or other coach).

_______, _______, _______, and _______ (names of current Royals players) can't _______, _______, or _______ (fundamental baseball skills). This is even worse than the era of _______, _______, and _______ (names of former Royals players). _______ (current player) is injured even more than _______ (Mike Sweeney).

_______ (ridiculous condition, e.g. "until the front office is replaced"), I am _______ (self-important adjective, e.g. "officially") done as a Royals fan. _______ (insincere apology), but I just can't take it anymore. _______ (final pretentious, attention-whoring statement).

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