The Betancourt trade recapped through Instant Messenger

Through the magic of instant messaging, we can bring you the events that led to the trade of Yuniesky Betancourt + cash to the Royals for Daniel Cortes and Derrick Saito. This is the third transcript we've been able to unearth so far -- first was opening day recap, followed by the tweets being made on Twitter during the April 20th game.

/MooreWins has entered the chat room

/JackoZ has entered the chat room

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Hi Dayton. Rough season so far...what's up?

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Look, Jack I know you're a busy guy.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: I don't need a lot of BS from you, you don't need a lot of BS from me. amirite??

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: So lets get to the point.

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: O...K?

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: I'm going to lay it out here.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: I need a shortstop. You've got one.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: I want him.

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Who, you mean Carlos Triunfel?

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Sorry Dayton, you and everyone else -- he's off limits.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: not him, I need help at the major league level now.

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Well, I guess we could let Chris Woodward go.

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: He's 33, but he's having a good year at AAA and could probably help you ou---

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: <annoyed> No, not him either.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Look Jack, quit screwing around. I'm talking about Yuniesky.

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Yuniesky? srsly?

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Serious as a heart attack.

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Hold on a minute.

<In private chat> 2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Lee........Lee, get in here!

<In private chat> 2008006782_mediumMariner4Life: Yeah Jack, what is it?

<In private chat> 2008297854_mediumJackoZ: I've got the GM of they Royals on the line..

<In private chat> 2008006782_mediumMariner4Life: Yeah, so?

<In private chat> 2008297854_mediumJackoZ: He wants to trade for Yuniesky.

<In private chat> 2008006782_mediumMariner4Life: You're sh*tt*ng me.

<In private chat> 2008006782_mediumMariner4Life: We were looking at the DFA paperwork just a couple days ago!

<In private chat> 2008297854_mediumJackoZ: iknowrite?

<In private chat> 2008006782_mediumMariner4Life: Alright, let's get this done.

<In private chat> 2008297854_mediumJackoZ: OK. And Lee, remember, play it cool.

/Mariner4Life has entered the chat room

2008006782_mediumMariner4Life: Hi Dayton, JackoZ asked me to come in to help out

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: No problem - look are we going to do this, or what?

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Sure thing. Now what were you willing to offer?

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Well, before I begin, just remember this is a good kid.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: He might've had some trouble holding his liquor recently, but who hasn't right?

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Who're we talking about Dayton, Callaspo?

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: No, no, no, of course not

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Look Dayton, I am NOT taking Ryan Freel...

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Freel? What? No, look, I'm talking about Daniel Cortes.

2008006782_mediumMariner4Life: wut

2008006782_mediumMariner4Life: You mean your #3 prospect, Daniel Cortes?

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Yeah. Is there a problem?

/Mariner4Life collapses in a fit of laughter

/Mariner4Life has left the chatroom

<In private chat> 2008006782_mediumMariner4Life:

<In private chat> 2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Lee, WTF!!1!! Get back in here NOW!

/Mariner4Life has rejoined the chat

2008006782_mediumMariner4Life: Sorry about that. I thought of a funny joke Ichiro told me yesterday.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Look, if that's not enough.....let me see here....

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: I'd also be able to include Derrick Saito. He's doing pretty well in A ball.

/Jacko is on his backo

2008006782_mediumMariner4Life: Yeah, Dayton, I think we could probably do that

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Hold on a minute, let me run it past my stats guy before we go any further.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: BRB

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Jim! Jim, get in here!

<In private chat> Jin04_uli_mediumTheWongWay: Jin, sir.

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: That's what I said - Jim.

<In private chat> Jin04_uli_mediumTheWongWay: <sigh> what is it sir?

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins Jim, I'm close to wrapping up a deal on Yuniesky Betancourt.

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: I need you..

<In private chat> Jin04_uli_mediumTheWongWay: Betancourt?!? Did you read my analysis at all??

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Yeah, Jim, I skimmed it. Something about defense.....

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Look, I'll be honest, I didn't read it.

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Next time put some funny pictures in it or something.

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Jim, there's something I need you to do --

<In private chat> Jin04_uli_mediumTheWongWay: <resigned> what is it?

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Look, here's $50 bucks, I need you to run to the liqour store

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: pick up as many bottles of Champale as you can.

<In private chat> Jin04_uli_mediumTheWongWay: Champale? You mean champagne?

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Sure, whatever....champale.

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Now hurry up, we need to get it on ice to celebrate this!

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Oh, Jim, one more thing --

<In private chat> Jin04_uli_mediumTheWongWay: <sighs> Yeah?

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: While you're there, see if you can find some of those party blowers too.

<In private chat> 3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Something festive.

<In private chat> Jin04_uli_mediumTheWongWay: Facepalm_medium

/TheWongWay has left the private chat

/MasterScouter joins the private chat

<In private chat> Kc_art_stewart_mediumMasterScouter: Soak it in Dayton

<In private chat> Kc_art_stewart_mediumMasterScouter: you'll remember this day for the rest of your life.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Jack, Lee, you guys still there?

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Yeah, we're still here, what's up?

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Well, there's just one more thing, it's the issue of money

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: What did you have in mind?

/tH3_Pr0f3550r has entered the chat

Farnsworth_mediumtH3_Pr0f3550r: wut's going on guys?

Farnsworth_mediumtH3_Pr0f3550r: LOL....dayton, whats up with that bald guy?? why r u talkin to our trainer?

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Kyle, I'm trying to conduct business here -- go play with your dogs or something...

Farnsworth_mediumtH3_Pr0f3550r: lol...ok....Strike n Rambo r awesome

/tH3_Pr0f3550r has left the chat

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Well, my boss is a real hard-ass about money.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: I can't really add any more payroll this year.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: I'd need you guys to pick up the tab for this year.

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Yeah, Dayton, I think we could do that. After all, what are friends for?

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Well, there's one more thing -- the big boss man.....

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: He's not real big on paying buyouts either.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Do you think you could kick in the buyout money for 2012 too?

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Hmmm......

<In private chat> 2008006782_mediumMariner4Life: Jacko, we've got to wrap this up before he comes to his senses

<In private chat>2008297854_mediumJackoZ: ur right

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Yeah, Dayton....I guess.........I guess we could do that. But that's as far as I can go

/Mariner4Life jumping up and down fist to his mouth in the corner

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: ALRIGHT, WE'VE GOT OURSELVES A DEAL!

2008297854_mediumJackoZ: Good working with you Dayton, we'll get the papers sent over to Bud.

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Thanks guys!



/Avilanche enters the chatroom littered with champale bottles

1213763907_mediumAvilanche: You called boss?

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: How's the arm?

1213763907_mediumAvilanche: Well, it's still pretty sore, but I'm still set on ----

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Great, great, look, I felt bad about how this season went,

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: I just wanted to give you some reading material while you're recovering

/MooreWins hands pamphlets to Avilanche

1213763907_mediumAvilanche: <reading the pamphlets> State Farm.....GEICO......Allstate....."Selling Insurance guide for dummies".....what is all of this?

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Nothing, nothing, just some light reading material...

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: u case this whole baseball experiment doesn't work out.....

3cimfr4j_mediumMooreWins: Look, I've got a meeting with the boss coming up - keep me updated on the rehab

/Avilanche has left the chatroom

/PainInTheGlass has entered the chatroom

Burns_mediumPainInTheGlass: Heckuva job Dayton!

Bill_pecota_autograph_mediumPECOTA: Heckuva job indeed.

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