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Rany Night at the K - Saturday Night against the Rays

Oh, and this is also the night Greinke pitches. Need we say more.

I won't be there, I'm sad to say, but this should be a great chance to watch the +Gordon Royals with a bunch of other passionate, like-minded fans. Who knows, you may even get Rany to tell you some of his favorite Rob Neyer and Keith Law stories...

Here's what you do:

So here’s the plan: if you want to attend a game with me THIS SATURDAY, July 18th, against Tampa Bay, do the following:

1) Call THIS PHONE NUMBER: (816) 504-4168. This is the direct line to Sarah Trowbridge, our contact in the Royals’ ticket office.

2) Tell Sarah that you are part of the group purchasing tickets in SECTION 246.

3) Purchase as many tickets as you need. The group pricing for this section is $23, and as we are buying as a group, I believe all additional surcharges are waived.

4) Pick up your tickets before game time at Will Call, located at the stadium between gates C and D.

That’s it.

Sarah will be answering the phone today until 5 PM CDT, and from 9 AM to 5 PM on Friday. After 5 PM tomorrow she will be unable to process tickets for this section, so if you don’t buy your tickets by tomorrow, you may 1) not be able to sit in our section and/or 2) be forced to pay surcharges. That doesn’t mean you can’t still join us – if you make a last-minute decision to come out to the game on Saturday, by all means, come to the ballpark and try to buy a ticket in Section 246, or as close to Section 246 as possible.


I hope that a few of you guys are able to attend, as I'd love to hear about this later.

Can someone make a sign saying something about defensive stats?