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The Royals Can Never Just Make a Mistake Once

The Royals never just mess up. No, they fail, then they fail again, then they fail again.

They keep failing because they never think they're wrong. I swear, if you scripted the last three months, or the last fifteen years, nobody outside Tyler Perry would find it believable. Pick an area of the organization: managing injuries, acquiring players, tactical in-game moves, whatever. Different actors, same story. We go through WWIII over Rany's post on the team's mishandling of injuries... so the team responds by doing what they can to destroy Gil Meche. We go through Angel Berroa and Tony Pena Jr, so they respond with Yuniefi. The Royals had a hacktastic team that couldn't get on base four years ago, and since then, Dayton has brought in half the guys on the last page of the OBP rankings. And on and on.

The Royals don't just bring in bad players, they then extend those players. Then, finally, bring in worse players as replacements. All the while, they all get paid, too much.

The last two nights have been especially rich, all the moreso, given that J.P. Howell has been there for the Rays. The Royals are 10-9 in games started by Zack Greinke. Do you have any idea how incredibly damning that is?

It isn't fun anymore.