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Royals Review Prospect Pulse: July

Minor League season is in full swing with the Royals having 7 affiliates (plus their Dominican team) up and running.  The short season guys have just a few innings/at bats under their belts so beware sample size.  We have a special emphasis on our international players this month.  We've invested more resources down there the past couple of years and are starting to see the talent show up in our low minors.  I hope to write up a little something about the international signing day--which is today (July 2).  Our top two hitters: Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas are scuffling.  I still believe in them but they need to start heating up to justify top prospect status.  On the flip side many of our pitchers are doing well.  For pitchers, I've changed up the stats to K/9--BB/9--FIP and the hitters remain the same.  We are still in the midst of moving and have been house shopping--so I haven't had time to incorporate other stats--but I have expanded the list to 50 names.  It is very nice to see that even down at the bottom, there is still some very interesting talent.



Rank Name



Age Level Month Stats YTD Comment
1 Eric Hosmer-1B 1 19 Low-A 211/278/310 250/353/373 Hurt some in June, I'm hoping that what hurt his numbers after a very encouraging May.
2 Mike Moustakas-3B 2 20 High-A 238/278/357 261/299/420 He seems to be heating up but you never like to see OBP % start with a 2.
3 Aaron Crow-RHP NA 22 NA NA NA Hopefully he'll sign soon, get some innings and perhaps also pitch in the AFL.
4 Dan Duffy-LHP 3 20 High-A 6.7/2.9/3.59 7.8/2.5/3.41 Still cruising along
5 Mike Montgomery-LHP 5 20 Low-A 7.7/1.7/2.38 8.0/3.4/2.89 He's becoming one of my favorite prospects--cruising along in the MWL.
6 Jeff Bianchi--SS 8 22 AA






About as hot as you can get.  Defense is getting good reviews--becoming a very legit prospect.
7 Kila Kaaihue-1B 4 25 AAA 259/360/459 269/402/502 A bad month for him but that still results in 820 OPS
8 Tim Melville-RHP 6 19 Low-A 5.5/4.3/4.88 6.1/3.7/4.80 Scuffling a little bit--too many walks, not enough Ks
9 Dan Cortes-RHP 7 22 AA 5.1/5.7/4.70 6.0/5.7/4.51 Continues to walk more than he K's.  Scouts say stuff is still there.
10 David Lough-CF 13 23 AA 278/297/528 323/373/477 Another fast riser.  Should be interesting to see how he does in AA.
11 Dan Gutierrez-RHP 9 22 NA NA NA The saga continues...
12 J. Giavotella-2B 10 22 High-A 253/364/349 236/361/350 I keep saying this-he's about to bust out. 
13 Jordan Parraz-RF 23 24 AA 407/473/704 358/451/553 Forcing us to take him seriously--continues to get on base and now adding power.
14 Will Myers-C? NA 19 NA NA NA He has signed but it won't be announced until August 17th
15 Kelvin Herrera-RHP 11 19 DL NA 1.7/0.0/3.50 I was wrong about him returning in June.  Don't know what the issue is--I'm worried.
16 Carlos Rosa-RHP 12 24 AAA 7.2/5.6/5.07 9.6/5.0/4.85 Inconsistent year but still think he could be useful next year on the big club.
17 Disco Hayes--RHP 21 26 AAA 3.3/0.0/3.72



Not as dominant at AAA but still very good.
18 John Lamb-LHP 19 18 SS 4.0/1.0/2.91 4.0/1.0/2.91 2008 draftee finally pitching in pro ball--pretty good in 2 outings so far.
19 Chris Nicoll--RHP 14 25 AA 5.8/6.6/5.12 7.5/3.4/3.35 Rough month--hopefully just a bump in the road.
20 Blake Wood--RHP 15 23 AA 5.2/2.8/3.07 5.8/2.9/4.32 On DL but seemed to be getting a little better.
21 Tyler Sample--RHP 17 20 AZ 11.3/4.5/3.07 11.3/4.5/3.07 Let's see if he can harness that stuff.
22 Carlos Fortuna--RHP NR 19 SS 7.2/4.5/4.67 7.2/4.5/4.67 Very good arm, watch out for him.
23 Greg Holland--RHP 20 23 AA 6.8/3.8/3.17 8.6/3.2/2.80 We have some of the deepest minor league bullpens I've ever seen.
24 Salvador Perez--C 24 19 SS 440/517/560

189/230/236 (Low-A)

440/517/560 (SS)
Overmatched in MWL, but feelign at home in Pioneer League--a hiters' league.
25 Yowil Espinal NR 18 SS 371/436/629 371/436/629 An International signing two years ago, starting to show his talent--keep an eye on him.
26 Sean McCauley--C 28 20 Low-A 385/467/385 237/305/331 I think he's been hurt this past month--not many at bats.
27 Jose Bonilla--C 26 20 Low-A 268/288/423 250/293/372 Continuing to struggle in Iowa
28 Chris Dwyer
NA 21 NA
Our 4th round pick, I'm guessing we sign him at the deadline.
29 Henry Barrera--RHP 17 23 Low-A 12.3/12.3/4.89 12.3/12.3/4.89 Fighting injury and ineffectiveness
30 Nick Francis--OF 22 23 Low-A 231/253/359 288/34/489 ...coming back to earth
31 Chris Lubanski--OF 24 25 AAA N/A 308/388/462 Still out with a hammy.
32 Paulo Orlando--CF 29 23 High-A 321/328/393 240/275/352 Superficially, a better month.
33 Blaine Hardy--RHP 31 22 Low-A 7.9/1.6/2.12 8.5/1.6/2.57 Continuing to do well, wonder if we will see him at Wilmington soon?
34 Joe Dickerson--OF 18 22 AZ 250/400/250 230/338/317AA Hurt, tough season
35 Barry Bowden--RHP 35 24 Low-A 8.8/6.6/3.77 10.0/4.2/3.47 Lost some control this past month.
36 Keaton Hayenga--RHP
6.0/0.0/2.14 2007 draftee is back from shoulder surgery.  We gave him $300,000 knowing he wouldn't pitch for 2 years--has good stuff.
37 Derrick Saito--LHP NR 21 Low-A 9.0/2.3/3.35 10.5/2.2/3.53 2008 draftee coudl be lefty specialist.
38 Brian McFall--1B 27 25 AA 167/308/314 252/338/431 It very close to time to take him off this list.
39 Jason Taylor--3B NR 21 Low-A 333/391/667 333/391/667 He's baaack.Started at SS and is now assigned to Burlington, IA.
40 Mike Lehman--RHP 32 20 Low-A 5.4/4.2/4.30 5.0/4.0/4.50 Non-descript month.
41 Malcolm Culver--3B NR 19 SS 267/450/800 267/450/800 2008 draftee is very good athlete--interesting to see how his bat does.
42 Nick Van Stratten--OF 37 24 Low-A 310/408/491 325/404/445 Good numbers but old for league.
43 Mario Lisson--SS NR 25 AAA 264/295/505 252/276/463 Had a good month and could see some time with the big club.
44 Hilton Richardson--CF NR 20 SS 409/458/455 409/458/455 2007 draftee is premium athlete in CF, if he can hit, he could be special.
45 Brian Paukovits--RHP NR 22 SS 11.0/6.0/3.60 11.0/6.0/3.60 2006 draftee is a big righthander who has been hurt but still has some upside.
46 Everett Teaford--LHP NR AA 4.2/2.8/4.42



Has been flying under the radar--AA has been a little difficult for him so far.
47 Brandon Sisk--LHP NR 23 High-A 14.3/0.8/0.59 10.8/1.9/2.17 With those numbers, he cannot be ignored.
48 Robinson Yambati--RHP
NR 18 AZ



Young Dominican making transition to ball stateside. 
49 Luis Del Rosario--OF NR 19 SS 389/421/611 389/421/611 Another guy from DR, started strong last year and tailed off.
50 Jerico Blanco NR 17 DSL 227/344/400 227/344/400 One of our big international signings from 2008--he's shown some good tools but is miles from the majors. 


Player of the Month:

I've already done Jeff Bianchi who probably deserve this but I'll go with Jordan Parraz.  Picked up from the Astros--who messed with his stance--Parraz had some alive in AA.  He's been an on base machine and has started hitting for more power recently.  He's not young at 24, but not old by any means.  He won't be a star but in an organization starved for outfield talent he is a very welcome addition.