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Potentially the Most Insanely Paranoid Aspect of the Rany Jazayerli Ban

From Rany's blog:

Just to be clear here, since I think everyone's taking my words a little too literally: I don't think I've been "banned" in the sense that they're going to have security guards outside the stadium making sure that I don't buy a ticket. It does mean that the Royals have cut off any access I may have from the team for my radio show, and - this is critical - have intimated that any other radio show which has me on as a guest faces the same penalty.

I see this as the equivalent of having my media credentials taken away, except of course that I don't have media credentials, and the Royals have made it clear they don't give media credentials to bloggers.)

This is Stalinesque. Rany is an unperson now. We do not discuss unpersons.

Not only is Rany not allowed to speak with players or team officials, but if anyone else in the media, or at least on the radio, talks to him about his inability to talk, then they are also banned.

These -- what should we call them, second-degree bans -- are fun to think about potentially. On Twitter I've already seen jokes about Rany being a perfect guest for the Trey Hillman Show. However, imagine being in the position of the working KC media, losing your press credentials (formally or informally) and access to conduct interviews would be quite serious.

I wonder what might happen if multiple shows at both local radio stations and a few guys from the Star interviewed Rany. They can't ban everyone, can they?

Ed. note: And... the ban has apparently been lifted. Perhaps sanity has prevailed. Stay tuned...