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Withering Away: Limpid Royals Waste More Good Pitching, Lose Again

It's all just a quirk of sports, I guess. A quirk of baseball.

  • 5 singles, a double, no walks. Party like it's 2005.
  • Willie Bloomquist -- he just plays the game the right way -- and Mark Teahen were thrown out at first base from the outfield.
  • The shame of it was, the Royals got a perfectly acceptable start from Bruce Chen. Chen's start won't be immortalized in stone, but he went 6 innings, scattering 5 hits and a walk against 5 strikeouts. And so, we can now say it, Bruce Chen has provided depth this season. One more OK start, and the minor league contract he received has fully worked out. The difference between Chen and guys like Ho-Ram and Ponson? I don't know.
  • Less than 18,000 tonight at the K for this game. The Royals are currently averaging 23,700 per game, good for 23rd best in the game. I wonder how attendance will do as the season continues.