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Some People Get It, Some Don't

According to Fangraphs, Franklin Gutierrez is the second best centerfielder in baseball:

  1. Matt Kemp: 4.5 WAR
  2. Franklin Gutierrez: 3.5 WAR
  3. Toriiiiiiii Hunter: 3.0 WAR
  4. Nyjer Morgan: 2.9 WAR
  5. Colby Rasums: 2.8 WAR


Not bad for a guy who couldn't get much playing time with Cleveland, and is making $455,000 this year.

Coco Crisp, by the way, was having a middling but decent season WAR-wise prior to his injury. Coco accumulated a 1.2 WAR before going down, and I think it's reasonable to assume he'd be in the 10th-20th best CF range if he'd stayed healthy.

But now we can rebuild around Freel and St. Willie in CF, so its all good.