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AL Central Defensive Rankings After 90 Games

The last time we checked on the AL Central's defensive ranks, it was June 1st, and the Royals were still sorta in contention. Since then, most teams have played another forty plus games, and the UZR data -- while far from perfect -- is drifting towards being meaningful.

Listed below is each AL Central team's AL rank in UZR at each position. The division leader is listed in bold.

Do you wanna guess who is dead last overall?

1B 9th 4th 1st 3rd 8th
2B 13th 12th 9th 1st 14th
SS 14th 7th 4th 6th 11th
3B 8th 10th 14th 4th 1st
RF 14th 7th 11th 9th 13th
CF 7th 11th 5th 8th 9th
LF 1st 12th 7th 4th 10th
OF Overall
9th 11th 7th 5th 12th
Overall 14th 11th 8th 3rd 10th
Overall on June 1 13th 11th 10th 2nd 9th



  • The AL Central is not a good defensive division. Detroit has been much improved, and the Twins have a good reputation for defense that isn't matched by the data this season, and that's it.
  • The Royals are bad.
  • Butler's defense has been better than expected, but the Royals are still below average defensively at first base, which is, weirdly, one of the stronger defensive positions in the Central. Paul Konerko? First?
  • All that TPJ time we endured still couldn't get the Royals out of the SS cellar.
  • Teahen deserves some props for being passable at third after returning to the position on short notice. Imagine the Royal infield if Teahen had slipped and Butler had been what we expected?
  • Congrats to Jose Guillen for catching and passing Jermaine Dye for worst RF in baseball.
  • David DeJesus!
  • It's curious that the mid-July numbers and the June 1 numbers are so close. Given the way people talk about single season defensive stats, you'd think we'd see tons of crazy changes in the data. Hasn't quite happened, yet.