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Help Send a Kid to the K

Tuesday Update: I'd love to see us make a final push here, now that the Royals are matching us ticket for ticket. We are at 76 tickets so far, thanks to the Royals matching us now. Remember, if you have already called Adam with your pledge, please get that check in the mail, ASAP. The deadline is approaching, so if you'd like to contribute, it may be best to use the credit card method at this point.

August 9th is Kid's Day at Kauffman Stadium. The game features a Sprint Fun Run, and the first 10,000 kids will get a Royals chest protector backpack. Probably every kid will be getting one. I think this is a good cause that we can get behind.

Kid's Day is connected with Royals Charities, and you can send a deserving young Royals fan to the K very easily. Lee Warren of Royal Reflections has already got the ball rolling. I saw his post and really feel like the RR community should jump on-board.

Here's what you need to do:


For every $10.00 that is donated, one child gets to attend the game on August 9 when the Royals play Oakland at 1:10 pm. You can pick the charity of your choice or you can allow the Royals to pick one—they will choose the Boys and Girls Club or the Official Royals Charities. If you have a preference, just tell Adam when you contact him.

If you’d like to know more, please contact Adam (his contact info is below). But basically, the way it works is, if we can get people to buy at least 25 tickets, then the Royals begin to match tickets. I’d love to see Royals’ fans send at least 10 kids to the game. If you'd like to participate, please contact Adam directly:

Adam Cain, Inside Sales, KC Royals
Phone: 816.504.4176

I emailed Adam this week, and he is happy to help us out here. You can call him at the number listed above and give him credit card information for your donation. Or you can mail a check.

The address for checks is
Kauffman Stadium Attn: Adam Cain
One Royal Way
Kansas City, MO 64129

(If you do mail a check, be sure to also call or email Adam and let him know you have done so. This way they can have a general idea of how many seats/tickets they need to have ready. According to Adam, checks can be made out to the Kansas City Royals.)

Let him know that you are coming from Royal Reflections so he can keep track of how much money we raise and so I'll be able to come back and let you know how many kids will get to attend the game on August 9 because of your generosity.

Again, if we get to $250 dollars raised, the Royals will match us, which means another 25 tickets will be bought, good for 50 total. Just remember though, every $10 dollars equals another ticket.

As mentioned above, I emailed Adam about this myself multiple times this week with questions, and he is ready to help us. A few donations have already been made in the Royal Reflections pool, so I think it's best to keep adding to that.

How does this work?

For every $10 dollars, Royals Charities will give another kid a ticket, through the charities and organizations they work with. If we get to $250 dollars, they'll match and give another 25 tickets. This isn't a bad goal. Order one less thing at Taco Bell the next three nights, and donate $10 bucks.

So how do you donate?

You call Adam at the Royals during regular business hours and give him your credit card information. Or you mail him a check. If you mail a check, be sure to include a note saying what it's for, etc.

What should I say?

Note that you are part of the Royal Reflections pool.

What is the deadline?

The deadline is August 7th. So we have plenty of time.