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Royals Hitters in July - DeJesus and Butler Hot, Everyone Else Cold

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Monthly splits are basically garbage as an analytical tool, especially when you have July, with that big fat break in the middle. When I first started blogging, I looked at monthly splits all the time. Not because I thought they were super important -- I wasn't that bad -- I just thought they were interesting. Maybe they are. I dunno. Players get hot, players get cold, the world spins around. The one useful thing about monthly splits I suppose, is that once you get deep into the season, you can see progress or regression that's been masked by a complementary hot or cold start.

In any event, if the July splits tell us anything, it is that no one is hitting right now:

  • David DeJesus and Billy Butler are having nice months. DDJ is hitting .357/.444/.457 in July. Too bad he sucks and isn't a true Royal and smiles too much. Butler leads all Royals in July OPS with a .324/.400/.535 line. 
  • Callaspo has been solid, if not legitimately good as well: .308/.357/.446. As has Teahen, though I'd like to see more power. Mark's hit .323/.362/.415.
  • After that you get nothing. Here are the OPSes for the other regulars. Jacobs: .665. St. Willie: .642 (actually a good month by his standards). Guillen: .513. Olivo: .445. Freel, Buck, Maier, TPJ, and Luis Hernandez have been/were all terrible as well.
  • The overall team line for the month thus far: .259/.312/.372.