An Exclusive Interview With Gil Meche's Right Arm

I caught up with Gil Meche's right arm yesterday, and have permission to summarize as follows. Most of our discussion was "off the record", but I am comfortable that I am violating no journalistic standards (other than the obvious) with this Fanpost.

Generally speaking, Meche's right arm confirms that it is "dead tired." It didn't agree with the Hillman or Meche decision to throw 132 pitches a few weeks ago, nor is it happy with all the attention Meche's back is getting. It also confirmed that Meche's back is, ahem, a "sissy" (it actually used a pejorative term that almost rhymes with "sissy" and begins with a "p", but this is a family website, etc., etc.,) Meche's right arm seemed, quite frankly, obsessed with how tired it has become, and kept bringing up the term fibromyalgia, whatever that means. (Side note: wouldn't be great if the Internet had a search website where you could go, punch in a term, and have a bunch of definitions and articles come up for perusal? I'm telling you, there is some money to be made on that idea).

Meche's right arm would not comment on Hillman's moustache, or lack thereof, nor could I goad it into making fun of Meche's beard patch. It does like the new and improved K, but wishes the owners would plant some sod around the sidewalks outside the stadium. Finally, Meche's right arm did make a few comments about Das Boot's ability to catch a pop up with the game on the line, but I can't read my own notes on the topic, my mind started to wander during the riff, and I don't want to talk out of school. No need to scare off the customers, if you catch my drift.

Oh, I almost forgot: Meche's right arm confirmed that it loves this website.

So we have that going for us, which is nice.

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