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Early Morning Royals Links: Women Getting More Beautiful, Royals... Not

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  • Royals Kingdom: Top 10 Moments of FAIL This season for the Roilets: No. 9
  • DFA’d Players the Royals Should Consider | Kings of Kauffman | A Kansas City Royals Blog
  • Nick Sloan's Official Web Site: Alex Gordon, Since Returning
  • Breaking News: Jordan Parraz to Omaha? - Royal Blues
  • Demotions and benchings and the Royals | Mellinger's Blog on the Royals and Baseball
  • An Exclusive Interview With Gil Meche's Right Arm - Royals Review


  • Moustakas vs Chisenhall - Minor League Ball
  • The Pipeline: Royals on the Farm 7/26
  • Luke Hochevar Comes Into His Own - Royals Authority
  • Week 5 Players of the Week " Chukars Corner
  • Attendance Should Be A Record High For This Giveaway - Kansas City Royals - Deadspin
  • Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 7/26 - Talking Chop
  • Mozilla goodness - An Interview with Tyler Bleszinski
  • Giants Trade for Ryan Garko - MLB Daily Dish
  • Garko To San Francisco | FanGraphs Baseball
  • Women are getting more beautiful - Times Online