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What? We came back and picked up a starter who didn't have a great day? Is that legal?

  • Luke Hochevar wasn't good today, but wasn't terribad either. The two dingers aren't good for a sinkerballer's ERA, but Hooch got nine groundouts against four flyouts today. He also K'ed three, which he's going to need to start to do more often. While you have to wonder how much better Luke's ERA would be if the Royals fielded a real-live major league defense, less than 4 K/9 is too low to expect much success. Call it the Jeremy Sowers principle, if you want.
  • Callaspo's back over .300, and continues to impress with the bat. Given Billy Buckner's recent struggles with the Diamondbacks, it seems like we might have won at least one trade in the Moore era. Well, two. There was the one where we gave the Marlins Ross Gload.
  • One thing I am sure of: Brayan Pena will maintain a 900+ OPS if inserted into a more regular role.
  • One thing I really am sure of: I'd rather have Brayan Pena than Miguel Olivo. Moore really should be looking to parlay Olivo's recent hot streak into a deadline deal. 
  • Bloomquist Batting Average update: .266.
  • Props to Trey Hillman for recognizing that Mike Jacobs can't hit lefties and PHing Pena in the first place. I cracked wise in the game thread, but at least it's a sign than Trey has learned....something....sometime....somewhere.
  • Soria is on pace for about 40 innings this year. He was very good today, but it still seems like a waste.
  • Happy 4th! The Royals Win! Miguel Olivo walked for the third time this year! The Giants win the pennant! Canada is invading Michigan!