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Spurred on by the Freel Trade, St. Willie Bloomquist Powers the Royals to Victory

The Royals are unbeatable when Willie Bloomquist has eight or more total bases.

All part of the beautiful vision Dayton has for this team. John McDonald also homered today for the Blue Jays, so this means that if you have anything that you'd really like to get done in your life, I'd say you should do so soon, because the world may be ending. As for me, I think it'll take too long for my custom made Huber jersey to arrive, so I guess I'll just die unsatisfied.

Three wins in a row!!!


Sorry for the short post, I'm a little burnt out. That'll happen when you write a long post about the current team which concludes by asking Dayton Moore to sell this deadline, and eleven hours later he trades for Ryan Freel, which may be a sign that he's gonna sell later, but in any case is another thing to write about quickly.