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Royals Links and a Kids Day at the K Final Tally

After a crazy four days on the road, I'm back at the lavish RR World Headquarters. I spent about an hour total following the Royals during that time. To be honest, it did me good, though now I'm a little bummed that there's not a game tonight. Trust the process.

I would like to thank everyone who donated to our Send a Kid to the K project. According to Lee Warren, we ended up sending 109 kids to the Sunday game against the A's. Really cool. Thanks to Adam with the Royals for helping us and for Lee for getting the ball rolling.

Here are your Monday afternoon Royals links:

  • Billy Butler is hitting like an emerging superstar, so should the Royals try to lock him up long term? | Mellinger's Blog on the Royals and Baseball
  • Royally Speaking: The positive experiment - Yuni edition
  • Royals on Radio etc.: I'm so ticked off
  • The Pipeline: Royals on the Farm 8/8
  • Broken Bat Single: Omaha Royals Report for 8-9-2009
  • Big Donkeys: Have you ever been to the doctor with a Royals-related ailment?
  • Nick Sloan's Official Web Site: The '09 Royals' Points Of Light


  • Royals Kingdom: Reasons to stay a Royals Fan: Looking Ahead to 2010
  • Game Recaps (8/9/09) - Mariners Minors
  • Baseball Prospectus | Events | Chat with Marc Normandin
  • A look at the Braves one-for-one trades - Talking Chop
  • Top AL Rookie Hitters | FanGraphs Baseball
  • Four days in North Korea. - By Sarah Wang - Slate Magazine
  • YouTube - Help I'm Alive by Metric