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Royals Pound Twins, Lose Ground in Bryce Harper Sweepstakes

So can we calm down on the rhetoric about people quitting?

How do you even quit in baseball? It's the most individualistic team sport in the world, and surely all the old-schoolers who think the Royals are failing just because they're a bunch of sissies also believe that our national innocence has been destroyed by selfish millionaires playin' for their stats. So guys are going up the plate not trying to hit? Not trying to get outs? It just doesn't make any sense.

The Royals completely dismantled the Twins tonight, in one of those stunning/typical baseball results we often see. In 2030, when MLB has a 24 team playoff format, with the first three rounds single elimination, we'll see some weird champions crowned.

All hail Miguel Olivo! All hail David DeJesus! All hail Yuni Betancourt! All hail Mike Jacobs! All hail Alex Gordon!

Hell, even Mitch had two hits and the Royals got some revenge on hated ex-Royal Bobby Keppel. Crazy.

This was clearly what Dayton envisioned all along and on nights when almost everyone in the lineup has a multi-hit game and the team draws eight walks, the offense really clicks.