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Afternoon Royals Links: Congratulations Devil Fingers & The Myth of St. Willie's Good Season

Last night on Twitter I posted a comment saying the Angels weren't really a smallball team anymore. (OK, it was a little stronger than that.) Just your standard issue random Twitter blast. Anyway, Trenni Kusnierek of MLB Network, who had reported on the Angels offense that same day, ended up responding to me, and we got into a little exchange or argument. I think she's convinced me that the Angels are still doing all of their Angely things, however, they're also walking more and hitting for more power this season. Every few years, the Angels either a) hit for a really high average or b) get a power bump, and then they have a decent offense. (Like in the 2002 playoffs when they hit a zillion home runs and won the WS.) Yea, they always play small ball, but on its own that doesn't do much for them. Anyway, it was an interesting and unexpected exchange.

Lastly, before we get to the links, as you may have seen on Driveline Mechanics, frequent RR poster "Devil Fingers" has welcomed his firstborn son into the world. Congrats DF.