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Lunchtime Royals Links: Where Flyballs Carry the Best Edition

A few years ago, people began to speculate that sabermetrics was essentially over. Most of the essentially truths about the sport had been discovered and it was perhaps time to move on. Sure, there was the matter of the daily grind of the information wars, and it was clear that there was a visible generational divide between people who were open minded, and people who were personally invested in their own understanding of the game remaining king.  Nevertheless, in terms of actual sabermetric research, there was a feeling around 2007 that there wasn't much left to discover or explore.

Then pitch f/x came out, and was, quite amazingly, publicly available. Now, we also have a version for hitters. Text and graphs heavy websites churning out incredible research are back again. Now all we need is usenet to return! Check out this post on where the ball carries the best, and worst.

We never know it all. The train keeps moving. (Which also means that the Royals FO isn't just going to stay out of date, they're going to get out of date in their out of dateness.)

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