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Yes, That Happened. Royals Lose 1-0 and Fail to Support Greinke Again

It's getting harder and harder to care about this team on a daily basis. I actively dislike about half the roster at this point and I'm somewhere between really and truly rooting for losses and rooting against seeing a mirage at the end of the season that makes everyone think that everything is ok. The incessant use of the injury excuse is especially bothersome.

Still, I care when Greinke pitches, and I feel the old outrage again when this garbage heap roster can't score a damn run for him. Tonight, the Royals were shutout opposite a Greinke start for the fourth time this season. This is absolutely insane, considering that there are a number of teams who haven't been shutout four times all year. The Royals have given Greinke two runs or less a total of nine times.

So here's the truth, once again:

  • This is the lineup Dayton Moore spent three years building. These are the guys he wants. They suck.
  • Yes, Coco Crisp is injured. Stunner. However, Guillen's "devastating" injury has actually made the Royals better, so it kinda cancels out. You can talk about Aviles a bit if you want, but considering that Moore hardly believed in him and it took TPJ hitting .150 for three months for him to get a shot, I have a difficult time feeling charitable.
  • The best hitters in the lineup remain Baird guys. Maybe Olivo cracks the top four tonight, since a lefty was starting, but that's the best Moore's managed.