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Game 117 Open Thread - Royals (45-71) at Tigers (62-54)

Today's my first wedding anniversary. Last year, on my wedding day, the Royals lost to the Yankees, 3-2 in a thirteen inning affair. Hilariously, Sidney Ponson started the game for the Yankees, while Zack Greinke got no help from his offense or defense. (You can find the game thread, overflow thread and recap here.)

The Royals went on to lose seven straight games and 1-11 over the next twelve. Between the beginning of my last week of singledom and the end of my pretty long honeymoon, the Royals won two games, part of a brutal stretch from August 5-29 last season when they went 3-18. Thanks for the sendoff guys.

Clearly, the message was drop this insane hobby now that you have a new life. I should have listened.