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Monday Morning Royals Links: John Lamb Shines

Last night Idaho Falls pitcher John Lamb struck out 10 batters, against just one walk and three hits allowed. Here's to my first ever non-ironic "trust the process". Perhaps appropriately, it's minor league pitcher day here on the RR links. Below you'll find features on Mike Montgomery and Disco Hayes ("To His Own Beat").

  • THT Live - The Rangers Win the Teixeira Trade
  • View from the Press Box (Texans Beat Chiefs Edition) - Arrowhead Pride
  • Game Recaps (8/15/09) - Mariners Minors
  • Royally Squandered: Royals 3, Tigers 2 - Bless You Boys
  • On Pitcher Contact Rate And Strikeouts - Lookout Landing
  • Chrissy's Outfit of the Day -Fox San Diego