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Secrets of the AL Central X - Bland as We Wanna Be

Here's what the five teams of the AL Central have done since the end of May:

  1. White Sox: 36-33
  2. Tigers: 34-34
  3. Twins: 31-34
  4. Indians: 29-36
  5. Royals: 23-44
  • Is "boat race" the best term, or does that imply too much excitement?
  • Quite the surge by the White Sox, who have managed to play .522 ball for two and a half months. In the Central, that's enough to turn heads. If someone can play .540 baseball for two months or more, they should have epic poems written about them.
  • No, I did not cherry-pick this date to highlight how bad the Royals have been. By the end of May the Royals were already 23-27. If I had chosen the infamous 18-11 date, things would have been much worse.