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Former Royal Bob Tufts Speaks Out on Ownership Incompetence


Over the weekend, former Royal Bob Tufts commented on a Shysterball post regarding the "Glass to become more involved" story.

I (gulp) put the Royals in the same class as the Milwaukee pre-Selig’s departure. I find the Brwers rapid improvement post-Bud and Wendy to be no coincidence, as the current ownership used economic and baseball metrics to improve the organization from top to bottom.

Glass was selected as owner more for his alliance with Selig as a hardliner on labor issues as opposed to his ability to run a baseball franchise. Royals fans were screwed in the process.


For some reason, I find it pretty cool that Tufts was poking around The Hardball Times on a Friday afternoon.

Last fall, I wrote about Tufts on his birthday and he's certainly one of the more interesting former Royals out there. Tufts was drafted out of Princeton and after his playing career received a MBA from Columbia. He is currently a VP of a New York brokerage firm.

I tend to agree with Tufts on this one. I don't think Trey Hillman is a good manager, but he's somewhere between 10th and 20th on the list of problems the Royals have.