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Alex Gordon Demotion Link Roundup

The Royals are the third team to do this kind of thing this season. This is as close to cutting-edge as we get around here.

  • Big Donkeys: The dubious duality of Butler and Gordon
  • Alex Gordon's career would be in less trouble if this really was all about service time | Mellinger's Blog on the Royals and Baseball
  • Royals Kingdom: Top 10 Moments of FAIL This Year for the Royals: No. 6
  • Nick Sloan's Official Web Site: The Gordon Contract Issue
  • Crazy Coincidence Huh? Royals Demote Alex Gordon Just In Time to Save a Few Million Dollars - Royals Review
  • The Pipeline: Royals on the Farm 8/16 and 8/17
  • Broken Bat Single: Royals Minor League Lines of the night 8-18-2009
  • Royally Speaking: Crow?
  • Royalscentricity: Moving Things Around: The Alberto Callaspo Edition
  • Royal Reflections: Solid performances all around lead to win
  • Tangled Up In (Royal) Blue: There's No Success Like Failure
  • Atlanta Braves pitcher Tommy Hanson and innings pitched - Talking Chop
  • Rally wasted in loss in Billings " Chukars Corner
  • Life in the Big Leagues Isn't So Grand for Wives and Girlfriends of Washington Nationals -
  • Buddha’s Savage Peace - The Atlantic (September 2009)
  • The Brits have taken over Turks and Caicos. Is Canada next? - By Brian Palmer - Slate Magazine