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Checking in on Mike Sweeney

So how's Sweeney doing in Seattle this year?

Not great. Mike's triple slash line is .249/.305/.402 this season, down from a little more respectable showing last season with Oakland, when he hit .286/.331/.397. He did get over the 200 homer plateau this season, which I was happy to see him do, considering that he ended the 2005 season at 182.

Fangraphs had Sweeney at about dead replacement level last season, actually contributing more defensively than he did with the bat. This year, in less time afield, he's posted worse defensive stats.

In the last two weeks, despite not playing regularly, Sweeney's been sorta hot, hitting .290/.351/.548 in his last 37 PAs.

I guess that's your Mike Sweeney update.